Last day as a 22 year old ..

Since waking up this morning the only thing in mind is that “Today is the last day I am gonna be twenty two”.. I simply can’t push that thought away from my mind.

Usually I am very lazy to wake in the morning, I would wake up but again cuddle my pillow and go back to sleep for a few minutes or so. However today (surprisingly) I was hyper active and was able reach office by 8.33 a.m (isn’t that great!) and thought of taking a moment from my busy schedule to reflect back on my life.

As always life is complicated, this is what makes life interesting and make us not want to hang ourselves. But in life you learn many things, understand how to live and to mingle with the society. Most the people in my inner circle have always complained that I am still not matured and that I still think like a kid. This actually had caused a great amount of depression in me during the past years, that I wanted to mature fast as could (ended up in disasters which i will refrain from referring to). Now I ask from them whats wrong in thinking like a kid? Whats wrong in not maturing? If been mature means that you gotta stop having fun doing things that make you happy, who the hell wants to be matured? I am not saying that you have to play the fool everywhere and act immature in your office, with your boss. Oh NO NO! Well I am happy to say when I was (I still am until mid-night), I realized what it means to be matured with the help of some awesome friends I had met about a year back.

Also I have always been a friendly person in nature and had many friends to hang out with since high school. If they were not around, it meant that they had found some others and would automatically be off our clique. It was more or less like “out of sight, out of mind”. Another slef finding over the years was that true friends will be with you no matter what. Even if you had not had contact with them for a very long time, if you need them and reach out to them, they will be there for you. The highest bliss that you can get from a friend is the moral support. When your feeling very low and needs someone, a true friend will pull you back up, secure you in your position. When this happened to me last year, I felt really blessed to to have them in my life and really brought tears to my eyes.

Also (so far) the happiest moment of my life was the day I graduated, once again when I was 22. All the sleepless nights, all the hard work, all that number crunching and memorizing finally paid off. Again I have to be thankful to a friend in my 3rd year, who sort of kept me in track and made me believe that we could do it when the going got tough and hectic. I wish I would have her as my study partner in the future as well.

Another important thing I realized was to what you love to make a living. So far I have worked in three employers, and each job was different to the other. Honestly I loved all those jobs. True there were times (and there are times) that I feel stressed and want to quit, but on a broader perspective I truly love those jobs and how it helped me build my image personally and professionally. I know that I still have a lot to learn, but I am happy and thankful for all what I had learned in my place of work. I simply love the work I do (of course I love holidays too). What happens when you do not love the work is that, you loose the passion for your job, you see work as the enemy, a villain to make your life miserable. That attitude alone will reduce your productivity, hence your boss will not be too pleased. 

Moving on to love life, well this is prefer to keep personal (for obvious reasons) but in summary I can say that I am the same person I was before. My interests, the way I look at situations, my views, my perceptions etc has changed drastically. I guess that is because after their twenties only a person moves into the society and finds out who s\he wants to be. Until then they sort of really don’t know who they really are.

Well I can really go on and on about my Self-Findings, but I guess I will stop now. In concluding I should say that when I was reaching 20, I was nearly in tears because  I loved been a teenager, but moving on from 20 to 21, once again I realized that life can be totally awesome even if you are not a teenager any more. Each year that passes by, you become YOU! A unique person. Establish your identity and personality. Make your mark. BE YOURSELF!

I love me when I am 22 and looking forward to being ME when I am 23..