He is a paradox

He is devoted and yet detached.

He is possessive and yet uncommitted.

He is sociable but also a loner.

He is gentle and yet tough.

He is spontaneous and yet regretful when reality hits.

He is full of emotion and also logical at the same time.

He is passionate but can also be platonic.

He is egoistical and yet humble.

He is most understanding but also ignorant of present.

He is adventurous and yet scared to take a leap of faith.

He is sensitive but is also numb to feelings.

He is close and yet distant.

He is transparent while putting up walls.

He lets go while holding on.

He abandons what he thought of cherishing.

He walks out on what he wants to pursue.

He kisses her good bye because he loves her.

He is convinced of the possible future but blind of the definite present.

He is predictable in his unpredictability…



Forever & Always


You started talking to her,

at first you thought that it is nothing more than “just friends”,

without realizing you started talking to her day and night constantly,

she made you smile, you made her smile,

with time you fell for her,

you kept telling yourself she is not The One but just a friend,

met again and again,

you became best friends,

one night you decided to tell her how you felt,

you waited for her reply,

she replied……….

She said she felt the same,

Until then you had not realized how tensed you were, what if she had felt otherwise?

You asked her to be yours,

She didn’t say anything but her eyes said everything what you desired to hear.

You hugged her tight not wanting to let go!

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Maybe Just Maybe Can We?

Can we go back:

  • to the time when my biggest worry was hiding my blushing face from your inquisitive eyes?
  • to the moment we first looked at each others’ eyes?
  • to that unexpected kiss?
  • to early morning annoying wake up calls?
  • to when the our burning issue was what to order for dinner?
  • to the time when we were too drunk to care about what others thought of us?
  • to the place where we thought it ended but actually it began?
  • to the night we gazed at the sky searching for stars?
  • to the place we first met?
  • to the times I waited , because you said you will come and you did?
  • to the roof-top when everything seemed perfect and beautiful like a fairy tale?
  • to the evenings we used to walk around just so that we would have more time to spend with each other?
  • to the time we danced in each others’ arms?
  • to the days we lived in that moment?

But most of all!

Can we go back to when we agreed to part ways hoping that either one of us would call to the other but neither one did? After all these years the unspoken words still linger in my heart…. Would we have been able to alter the time if at least one of us had spoken up?

soul mate grow apart Can we go back and be one?

Can we go back to the time when we realized that unspoken words have more potential to kill a person emotionally than spoken words… ?

Was the all the pain and suffering worth it? The sleepless nights crying, hugging the pillow for warmth and wondering how it would have turned out. Would we have married? Would we have had kids? We would never know because we never gave us a chance. When the journey together got tough we decided it would be easier to travel alone, hence we shook hands and parted ways, each of us going in the opposite direction. That was the end of US.

Afterwards it was only me, myself and I.

By myself, I was able to go fast, but there was no one to share it with, no one to catch me or laugh at me when I fall, no one to argue with, no one to tease me and no one to love me for my good & bad alike. Even after reaching my desired destination I did not feel the satisfaction because I left the person who genuinely cared about me, my success and failure. I learned to moved on but held on to our memories.

They say “what does not kill you makes you stronger”, I think that it is more like, what does not kill you makes you numb to it after sometime, hence you don’t feel the pain unless something triggers it.

After all these years, I realized that there is no going back. No matter how much I wish I can never go back and change what happened. It was not fate, it was what we decide. We wrote our own fate. Many blames what happens on destiny. In my view destiny or fate brought us together but it was us who decided to throw it out of the back door. I am the author of my own destiny, only I can change it’s course. Destiny did not make us part ways, we did. It was not destiny that made me walk away with a crippling heart, it was my ego. I know that both of us were waiting for the other one to say how we love and need each other but instead we walked away as if it was a casual fling. I guess neither one of us realized that we would never get a second chance, that we could never go back!


Even after a decade, I still remember the day we met, how I felt when we were together, your face after the first kiss, how you looked into my eyes and the list goes on and on. I am sure that one day after I am gone even my grand kids would know about you because you have covered many pages in my journal.

I still wonder whether you remember the endless conversions we had? Do you remember when we became more than friends? Do you remember how you used to tease me? Do you remember the fights we had because of our possessiveness of each other?

We both would remember the days of struggle, the times we gave up on each other and decided to quit, that was the last time I saw you and the last time we met.

We can not go back, but maybe just maybe that was not the last time, maybe some day there would be a next time and just maybe can we go back?











Strangers then, Strangers Now!- Part 1 (Her Version)

In Life we come across many Strangers. While most remain as strangers,forgotten and never knowing that they existed, there are few others who end up becoming important, and end up meaning a lot to you. They touch your heart and soul. They make night sky more beautiful to look at, stars appear out of nowhere and make heart feel what it is supposed to feel. 

But sadly they only stay in your lives for a little while, leave footprints (and sometimes scars too) on your heart and your never ever the same (in worse case scarred for the rest of eternity).

However, at the end of the day it was all worth it. Life it worth living because of these moments that take your breath away.  

It all starts as….

Strangers – Girl meets Boy                                girl

The day began as any normal day, little did She know of what is in store for her. As usual woke up, got ready and left to campus. It would have been a normal, if one thing in particular had not happened. She does not believe in “love at first sight” but have the tendency to develop serious “crushes at first sight”.

She seldom goes to the bakery nearby the campus, but on this very day She stops by the bakery since She wanted to munch something, and little did She know that She would come face to face with the “cute” guy from the new batch.

This was quite unexpected but a sweet surprise. He introduced himself, few words were exchanged, bid farewell and went in their separate ways.

That day would have been a quite ordinary day had She not stopped by the bakery.

Strangers – Friend on Facebook

Facebook = the well known search engine to find info about crushes and potential partners

She search for him on Facebook, goes through the posts and photos, only one question in her mind “is he single or not?”. Through extensive searching, establish the belief that he seems to be single and send a friend request. To her delight He accepted it immediately.

Friends – Friends but not really              

She sees him, but never get a chance to have an actual conversation. Neither is She in his batch, nor mutual friends, nor classes together, absolutely nothing in common. But all hope was not lost thanks to online chatting.Thank heavens to the digital era, especially to Mark Zuckerberg, She and He started their conversation through chat, hence initiating the first step.

Friends – Actual Friends

She sees him, a war inside the head, a war between the heart and the brain. The brain says, ” Just smile and go” while the Heart says, “Nooo… Damn! He looks soo cute! GO GO! Talk with him!” As always The Heart wins, She stops by, feeling a bit awkward, but within minutes the conversation flows freely. Kudos to The Heart!

As time pass by She and He became really good friends, conversations become intense, time they spend with each other continues to increase exponentially. Its like days have suddenly become brighter.

She truly loves him as a friend. She loves his teasing nature and really enjoys it. She sees the man beneath the surface, realizing that He is person with

But She has this feeling that He is something more than other friends. It is becoming increasingly difficult to shadow the feeling with term “Friends”

Friendship is a meaningful bond between people that care for each other. She knows that once the next step is taken there is absolutely no way of going back! “Is that a risk She is willing to take?” she asks herself, knowing that the answer is NO!

She makes up her mind bury “The Feelings”!

she and he

Valentine’s Day Special: Be my Valentine.. or Not!

February is regarded as the month of “Love” and we all know why….

Valentine’s day is around the corner, a day loved by some while a day dreaded by others.

Everywhere we can see Valentine’s day offers and promotions, personally my facebook home page is filled with “Gifts for her/him” posts, inbox is filled with Valentine’s day promotions/offers and party mails and the list goes on and on. While I believe that it is really sweet to spend the Valentine’s day with your loved one, the sad part is most Valentine’s day enthusiasts (who celebrate Valentines day in a grand scale) have forgotten the true meaning of Love.

It is evident that Valentine’s day has become very commercialized hence I shall re-phrase February as “commercially” the month of Love!

I have always thought that there was something not quite write about this Valentine’s day Theory (I am not anti-Valentine but I am anti-commercialized Valentine).

The pressure to plan and execute the Perfect Valentine’s for your loved one can drive a person crazy and once all that is done, if it was not up to the expected standard of the receiving party, your officially doomed! (Better Luck next year buddy!) References will be made to the mishaps that day throughout the year and you will be officially responsible for making the Day of Love and Happiness to a Day of Tragedy and Depression.

Even if things turn out to be super duper awesome at Valentine’s day celebrations, then there is pressure to make even more fantastic next year.. (Oh Hell NO!!)

Either way you lose (unless you and your better-half shares similar views on Valentine’s day).

I don’t even want to comment on the depression caused to the Singles (IMO The Lucky ones)  during Valentine’s season.


Valentine’s day symbolizes Love. A day with great historic importance but sadly now it has become time of the year for Gift shops, florists and restaurants to increase their revenue.

May of us have forgotten that Love is NOT restricted to a specific day. You don’t need a specific day surprise her with a Rose or a day to show that you care.

Love is everything you want it to be.

It is a tight hug when you’re feeling low. It is simple “I miss you” when your better-half is away. It is a Good morning to show that your darling is the first person you remembered as soon as you woke up. It is promise that everything will be all right when evidently everything  is not alright. It is about looking forward to meeting your beloved. It can be anything to show how much you care.

Love is NOT appearing on the Valentines day with a dozen roses and chocolate boxes. Love is NOT taking her out for a fancy dinner on Valentines day to the most expensive restaurant in town. Love is NOT purchasing the biggest “Be My Valentine” card you can possibly find.

Because when you look back, all you will remember is how you felt, how happy you were and all the little things that means soo much!

Have an Awesome Valentine’s Day!


Simple Thoughts

Note before reading: To be frank there is no objective of this, I am just thinking out loud.. 


What is life? Is it living? Is it surving? The way i see, live is a span of time for which we are allowed to be on this Earth. When the hour glass of Life ends, its good bye time for this current lfie. As a Buddhist I believe in Re-incarnation)

We are not defined by the number of years we live, buy what we have done during our life time. Something that I truly belive is that what we do ourselves dies with us, but what we do for others remains even after we are gone. 

No one is perfect, every one makes mistakes, every one makes wrong turns once in awhile, sometimes knowingly sometimes unknowingly and by the time you realise its too late for you to turn back. Things will never be the same as it was before. No matter how much you want them to be the same as before. A broken mirror will have scars even if it is fixed. The wounds will heal but the scars wont. Regret will always be a flash back in your mind.

 Are these deeds enough to lable a person as good or bad. Every one sees the surface and can make judgements out of it.. Only a very rarely you will find people who will take the extra mile to walk in your shoes and truly understand you.