My Journey!

You were my destination,

Seeking you was my journey,

I wished to be worthy of your care,

You were the One to complete Me,

Your absence makes my thoughts wonder right back to you,

You chose to stay unaware of my one-sided journey,

A journey which is more beautiful than the destination,

Unlike others, my love does not get divided between two hearts,

This is my one-sided journey.






Without You!

Even though incomplete,

My life is void from your absence,

My heart does not know any other way to live,

My passion is to be worthy of your undying love,

My destination does not belong to me anymore,

My journey, was beautiful but without you is tough,

My pain is companion,

I wish to stay aware of the extreme to which I love you,

If not on Earth, I come to you in the sky…..

My Love is complete!

The Guy…

The Guy realized that he had deep feelings for Her;

The Guy hated feelings.

The Guy did not want to feel what he was not comfortable feeling.

The Guy wanted to be left alone.

The Guy did not want to give another person the power to betray him.

The Guy was not ready to fall in Love.

The Guy tried to hide his feelings.

The Guy knew that hidden feelings intensified what he felt.

The Guy decided the solution was to get rid of Her.

The Guy got rid of Her memories.

The Guy went back to his old ways.

Only one more thing to do.

The Guy decided send Her far away.

The Guy got Her into a boat, tied Her and let the waves take the boat.

The Guy looked at Her one last time….. before letting go….

The Guy felt Her drifting away, over to the horizon and nothing…

Finally The Guy was free from deep feelings forever.

The Guy won… or so he thought….

Now The Guy had Lost Feeling….


Real Life Miracles….

When Live gets tough we pray for Miracles, without realizing, we come across Miracles in many forms;

A Miracle is;

Who made you smile when you forgot what happiness was,

Who gave you reason to live when you when you thought that all was lost,

Who trusted you when the whole world doubted you,

Who saw the faded light in you when you were ready to welcome the darkness,

Who inspired you to be the best of yourself when you at your lowest,

Who remained faithful when you have given up on faith,

Who were by your side when you thought you wanted to be left alone but really did not…


Dedicated to all the beautiful souls in my life…….









Way before I knew you,

I had another life,

A life without you,

I had my own struggles, my own relieves,

But never felt complete, neither did I feel incomplete.

One day, You came into my life without a warning,

I chose you & you chose me,

Fate brought us together,

By choice we tried to build a life together,

This was my life with you, Our life!

I felt complete, I loved you for loving me,

You loved my scars, I loved your darkness,

You are not perfect, but just right for me,

Your arms my home, kisses my comfort,

We would watch the endless stars or the busy roads from high above,

Let the world go by, we have each other is what I thought.

Alas! Disaster strikes,

Wide awake from my dream I look around,

You are no more by my side,

Our life shattered to pieces, right in front of me,

I could not do anything other than cry,

Once again it is only my life,

But not the same,

Beautiful moments, cherished as memories,

Haunt me day and night,

I fall into a sadness so sweet,

I yearn for the love i have seen in your eyes,

I cry myself to sleep, in my dreams I see you,

I wish I could sleep forever, be in your arms,

I know you are far away, out of my reach,

But still I love you, will keep loving you,

I hate that I miss something that doesn’t exist,

You were never mine to be,

I have forgotten my life before you,

My life that I can never go back to,

A life without you, with your memories,

I am forever haunted!

He is a paradox

He is devoted and yet detached.

He is possessive and yet uncommitted.

He is sociable but also a loner.

He is gentle and yet tough.

He is spontaneous and yet regretful when reality hits.

He is full of emotion and also logical at the same time.

He is passionate but can also be platonic.

He is egoistical and yet humble.

He is most understanding but also ignorant of present.

He is adventurous and yet scared to take a leap of faith.

He is sensitive but is also numb to feelings.

He is close and yet distant.

He is transparent while putting up walls.

He lets go while holding on.

He abandons what he thought of cherishing.

He walks out on what he wants to pursue.

He kisses her good bye because he loves her.

He is convinced of the possible future but blind of the definite present.

He is predictable in his unpredictability…