Way before I knew you,

I had another life,

A life without you,

I had my own struggles, my own relieves,

But never felt complete, neither did I feel incomplete.

One day, You came into my life without a warning,

I chose you & you chose me,

Fate brought us together,

By choice we tried to build a life together,

This was my life with you, Our life!

I felt complete, I loved you for loving me,

You loved my scars, I loved your darkness,

You are not perfect, but just right for me,

Your arms my home, kisses my comfort,

We would watch the endless stars or the busy roads from high above,

Let the world go by, we have each other is what I thought.

Alas! Disaster strikes,

Wide awake from my dream I look around,

You are no more by my side,

Our life shattered to pieces, right in front of me,

I could not do anything other than cry,

Once again it is only my life,

But not the same,

Beautiful moments, cherished as memories,

Haunt me day and night,

I fall into a sadness so sweet,

I yearn for the love i have seen in your eyes,

I cry myself to sleep, in my dreams I see you,

I wish I could sleep forever, be in your arms,

I know you are far away, out of my reach,

But still I love you, will keep loving you,

I hate that I miss something that doesn’t exist,

You were never mine to be,

I have forgotten my life before you,

My life that I can never go back to,

A life without you, with your memories,

I am forever haunted!