Forever & Always


You started talking to her,

at first you thought that it is nothing more than “just friends”,

without realizing you started talking to her day and night constantly,

she made you smile, you made her smile,

with time you fell for her,

you kept telling yourself she is not The One but just a friend,

met again and again,

you became best friends,

one night you decided to tell her how you felt,

you waited for her reply,

she replied……….

She said she felt the same,

Until then you had not realized how tensed you were, what if she had felt otherwise?

You asked her to be yours,

She didn’t say anything but her eyes said everything what you desired to hear.

You hugged her tight not wanting to let go!

Couple of months went by………..

you were still strong,

you missed her when she was not around,

you got possessive of her,

you wanted her to be happy.

A year passed…………….

Arguments came,

but you always got through them,

whenever you messed up she always forgave and whenever she messed up you did the same and forgave her after some time,

and with time, both learnt to accept each others faults and weakness and decided to live with them,

you meant the world to her,

but you started loosing feelings! Well…….. at least that is what you thought!

She started to feel unwanted, that she was your obligation, she felt that she was a barrier to you success,

but even if she felt that leaving you was an option, she did not want to leave you,

because she could not,

she needed you and she knew that you needed her.

She could not bear to think of life without you.

You didn’t leave her because you couldn’t bare to see her cry,

her tears made you weak, you thought that tears were her strength,

you did not want to make her sad,

you felt trapped because you did not know what to do.

She knew what you were up to,

she cried most nights.

You thought you knew why she was in grief,

You thought it was because of you but in reality it was because she knew you well enough to know that you were going to leave her.

It was because of what you had become…

You got fed up,

it was too much stress….

You left her!

You thought that it would give her the best chance to be happy in the future,

you never realized the pain she went through go back to her “pre-you” life,

you thought that you made the ultimate sacrifice,

by sacrificing her and her current happiness for her future happiness.. Not realizing that you were her happiness in all the spans of time.

You did not realize that she did not want you to be a chapter in her book,

she wanted you to be The Book.

You wrote her story for her, The end of your chapter in her book! (so you thought)


Months went by………………

You were happy because you felt whole weight lifted from your shoulders

No more emotional drama….. No stress…

You felt nice and alone.. Better feeling ever!!

Yet she was hurting,

you were hurting too but you were too adamant to realize.

One night you started to think,

you miss her…

deep down you knew she missed you like mad.

You lost the person you intended to keep,

you were her world,

you loved her…

She lost you because you loved her.

You loved her enough to let go,

she wanted you to love her enough to be with her, to fight for her, to grow with her…

You kept trying to tell yourself that you don’t care..

You convinced yourself that you don’t care… But really don’t you?


She is gone, more like chased out of your life.

You have someone who makes you happy.

Yet for some reason you remember her,

all that’s left are memories…

you sat at home and you decide to text her,

you wait for a reply,

days goes by,

she reads but doesn’t reply,

because now, her world is in someone else’s arms…

She will keep her unheard promise,

Forever and always she will be Yours.










































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