He is a paradox

He is devoted and yet detached.

He is possessive and yet uncommitted.

He is sociable but also a loner.

He is gentle and yet tough.

He is spontaneous and yet regretful when reality hits.

He is full of emotion and also logical at the same time.

He is passionate but can also be platonic.

He is egoistical and yet humble.

He is most understanding but also ignorant of present.

He is adventurous and yet scared to take a leap of faith.

He is sensitive but is also numb to feelings.

He is close and yet distant.

He is transparent while putting up walls.

He lets go while holding on.

He abandons what he thought of cherishing.

He walks out on what he wants to pursue.

He kisses her good bye because he loves her.

He is convinced of the possible future but blind of the definite present.

He is predictable in his unpredictability…



Forever & Always


You started talking to her,

at first you thought that it is nothing more than “just friends”,

without realizing you started talking to her day and night constantly,

she made you smile, you made her smile,

with time you fell for her,

you kept telling yourself she is not The One but just a friend,

met again and again,

you became best friends,

one night you decided to tell her how you felt,

you waited for her reply,

she replied……….

She said she felt the same,

Until then you had not realized how tensed you were, what if she had felt otherwise?

You asked her to be yours,

She didn’t say anything but her eyes said everything what you desired to hear.

You hugged her tight not wanting to let go!

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