Simple Thoughts

Note before reading: To be frank there is no objective of this, I am just thinking out loud.. 


What is life? Is it living? Is it surving? The way i see, live is a span of time for which we are allowed to be on this Earth. When the hour glass of Life ends, its good bye time for this current lfie. As a Buddhist I believe in Re-incarnation)

We are not defined by the number of years we live, buy what we have done during our life time. Something that I truly belive is that what we do ourselves dies with us, but what we do for others remains even after we are gone. 

No one is perfect, every one makes mistakes, every one makes wrong turns once in awhile, sometimes knowingly sometimes unknowingly and by the time you realise its too late for you to turn back. Things will never be the same as it was before. No matter how much you want them to be the same as before. A broken mirror will have scars even if it is fixed. The wounds will heal but the scars wont. Regret will always be a flash back in your mind.

 Are these deeds enough to lable a person as good or bad. Every one sees the surface and can make judgements out of it.. Only a very rarely you will find people who will take the extra mile to walk in your shoes and truly understand you.



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